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Understanding Great Hammerhead Migration

Friday, 10 March 2017 23:11

By Tanya Houppermans

Hammerhead 01

Although great hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna mokarran) appear powerful and robust, recent research has shown that they are in fact one of the most fragile shark species, being particularly vulnerable to the stress of capture. Even those that are released after being hooked have a nearly 50% chance of succumbing after their ordeal.1 To better protect these sharks, a greater understanding of their movements is needed. The results of a new study conducted by scientists at the Bimini Biological Field Station in Bimini, Bahamas have provided a major step forward by showing the migration patterns and regional connectivity of great hammerheads between the Bahamas and the United States.


Fish of the Future

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 05:32

By Alex Rose

OHF 01

Seafood is awesome. Extinction is not.™

This simple and powerful message is the tagline for a company that was founded with the mission of creating plant-based alternatives to popular seafood choices. Ocean Hugger Foods is paving the way to a sustainable food future with their creation of Ahimi®, a plant-based substitute for ahi tuna that can be used for sashimi, poke, tartare, and ceviche.


March for the Oceans

Friday, 10 August 2018 23:11

M4O 01

By Lilly Tougas

“It’s the human experience, reach people.” -Asher Jay.

“Try and forge an emotional connection with your subjects.” -Mark Brownlow

”You are the media, give your deep knowledge directly.” -Jim Toomey

“Depoliticize compassion.” -John Tartaglia.

These are just a few quotes from speakers at functions during the celebration of World Oceans Day in Washington, D.C. Events were held all around the globe for this special day, which has become so important it is now celebrated for a full week and involves meetings, parties, marches, and speeches to discuss conservation matters.


Celebrate the Sea Festival

Monday, 27 November 2017 20:38


Celebrate the Sea’ festival April 2018, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Featuring the International Underwater Photography Shoot-Out Competition, one of the richest shoot-outs in the world, from 1-3 April, 2018 in Manado, Bangka and Lembeh, with prizes totalling over $35,000 value in both novice and open categories as part of the Ocean Geographic ‘Celebrate the Sea’ festival. The overall winner will be named ‘Master of the Competition’ with a cash bounty of around USD 5,000. The cash prize for each category winner is around USD 2,000. Competition finale and awards in Singapore on 7 April, 2018.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, ‘Her Deepness’, is heading to Manado for the ‘Celebrate the Sea’ Festival from 31 March to 4 April 2018. Participants*₁ will received a Van Gogh Ocean edition print “Heart of the Reef” personally signed by Dr. Earle and specially created for the festival by Michael AW. Festival packages start from $130 and all-inclusive participating resort packages, including dives, start from around $500.


The mission of the 13thCelebrate the Sea’ festival is to inspire the ban of both single-use plastic and shark fin soup in Manado. By attending the festival, participants effectively become part of the solution, contributing to the preservation of our ocean environment. The festival in Manado will celebrate the splendour and richness of the marine bio-diversity of Bunaken National Marine Park, Bangka Island and the Lembeh Strait, with the underlying objective being to spotlight threats from climate change and pollution, particularly in this remote, Coral Triangle region.

As with previous ‘Celebrate the Sea’ festivals, the lineup of ocean luminaries for 2018 is impressive including ‘Her Deepness’ Dr. Sylvia Earle, producer of a Plastic Ocean Craig Leeson, composer and singer of ‘Song for the Ocean’ Kristin Hoffman, National Geographic photographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes, Ocean Geographic science editor Alex Rose, feature editor Gill McDonald and chief editor Evonne Ong. Together with a host of our honorary associates including Howard Shaw, Doug Perrine and Matthew Smith will be an impressive array of scientists, artists, innovators, photographers and passionate marine advocates.


A major festival highlight is the International Underwater Photography Shoot-Out Competition from 1-3 April 2018. Many resorts in the area are supporting the competition bringing attention, along with the diving community, to this beautiful, rich and diverse diving location. The 2018 festival will take place alongside the 5th annual ‘Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year’ competition. A regular feature is also the children’s art competition, aimed at inspiring the energy, enthusiasm and curiosity of the future ambassadors of our planet.

During the festival, Kristin Hoffman will be shooting a new music video for Song for the Ocean’ - All participants are invited to play a part in this production – this is your chance to help inspire great love for our ocean. Find out more at

The festival opens at 13:30 on 31 March 2018 in the central Manado Megamall auditorium, with a packed schedule of keynote speakers and presentations up to the opening ceremony at 18:30, also in the Megamall complex and hosted by the Provincial Government of North Sulawesi. The International Underwater Photography Shoot-Out Competition then takes place at local participating resorts from 1-3 April.


On 4 April we relocate to the modern 4* Mercure Tateli Beach Resort with a spectacular view over the Celebes Sea and classic volcano-shape of Manado Tua in Bunaken National Marine Park. Lunch is followed by another round of engaging presentations by our keynote speakers and a display of the finalists in the ‘Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year’ competition. The Manado festival culminates in the closing ceremony and dinner at 18:30, once again hosted by the Provincial Government of North Sulawesi. The exciting finale of the 2018 Celebrate the Sea festival will be in Singapore on Saturday, 7 April at 18:00 at a celebration party and presentation evening involving most of the notable speakers and personalities from Manado. The winners of the International Underwater Photography Shoot-Out Competition and OG Pictures of the Year competitions will be announced and showcased, and the ‘Master of the Competition’ will be named and crowned.

More info at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

* The first 100 attendees reserving with Ocean Geographic using the Quick Booking tab at will receive a limited edition fine art quality print personally autographed by Dr. Sylvia Earle.  


Success with Capturing Critters

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 18:54

By Sarah Wormald

Lembeh2017 01

It has been a phenomenal week in Lembeh, North Sulawesi, at the annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh Underwater Photography and Videography Workshop hosted by Lembeh Resort. The event is now in its 6th year and keeps getting better.

This years prestigious Workshop featured Photo Pros Alex Tattersall, Martin Edge and Ethan Daniels along side Lembeh Resort’s own in-house Photo Pros. This heavy-weight team of shooters hosted a week of workshop presentations, one-on-one guidance meetings with participants, group critique and feedback sessions and of course, epic dives at the most iconic dive sites in the Lembeh Strait.


“Bubbles Away”- Oceanic Omega 3 Review

Thursday, 22 September 2016 02:37

By Brett Lobwein


The Oceanic Omega 3 side exhaust regulator is the perfect choice for underwater photographers, videographers or SCUBA divers who want to avoid any distraction from focusing on the ocean. Apart from the exhaust [flow] bubbles being directed away from my face, as a photographer I really like the Omega 3’s profile. Being a side exhaust means there is not a bulky regulator pushing up against the back of the camera housing as you look through the viewfinder.

The biggest ‘upgrade” of the Omega 3 over the very popular Omega 2 is that it no longer breathes wet. It comes packaged out of the box with a MaxFlex hose* and a ball swivel, making it very comfortable plus dramatically reducing the regulator pulling against your jaw. Tech divers will also love that this regulator is ambidextrous “no up or down”, making it an ideal choice for a side mount setup.

I have managed to test the Omega 3 to a depth of 52 metres (170 feet). The entire way from the surface to 52 metres the Omega 3 delivered the perfect amount of air without the need for any complicated adjustment knobs. A simple twist operated dive/pre-dive switch is very handy to stop any free flowing on the surface.

omega3 03 blobwein 500x330px


Oceanic has paired the Omega 3 with the lightweight and top-performing FDX-i first stage. For those who want to explore colder oceanic waters, the FDX-i is ready with an environmentally sealed diaphragm. As you would expect this first stage is also balanced, which ensures the regulator performs consistently at any depth. I have also been very impressed with the well thought out port layout and positioning. The FDX-i uses Oceanic’s Dry Valve Technology (DVT) preventing water or other foreign objects from entering the first stage, ideal if you forget to put the dust cap on.

Complimenting its modern design, the Omega 3 comes in three colour choices—black, white or clear. Personally I love the clear, as it allows you to see the beautifully engineered internal workings of the second stage. After owning the Omega 3 for over 12 months, I am still blown away by its performance.

*Check with your local dealer that this is standard in your location

omega3 02 blobwein 500x800px


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