GALAPAGOS by Josef Litt

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The new stunning book authored by Josef Litt offers a comprehensive picture of one of the most extraordinary places on our planet.

Elements of history, science and personal travelogue packed with beautiful photography will take you on a dazzling journey through the magic archipelago. It’s the ultimate guide to the Galápagos islands full of captivating information and first-hand stories - with 288 pages filled with more than 300 stunning photographs as well as original illustrations. GALÁPAGOS uncovers fascinating behaviour of its unique fauna. It is filled with stories of discovery and colonisation but also of exploitation, deceit, mutiny and murder.

The book is available on and in the United States. Readers in the United Kingdom and Europe will find their copy on

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Josef says, “I consider myself lucky that I had the time and means to write GALÁPAGOS, a book about the Galapagos islands. I would be delighted if the book was used as a Galapagos islands map, a companion on Galapagos tours and cruises, and as an entertaining source of information at home. Human presence and actions more often than not put nature and its creatures in danger of obliteration. If there is a more significant purpose behind the photographs and the stories, it should be to demonstrate how precious nature is and how important it is to keep it preserved.”

“I found the writing crisp, clear and engaging, jam-packed with intriguing theories, eye-opening facts, and attractive illustrations. Here’s a book that I – and I hope many others – will use and enjoy for a long time to come.” – Tui De Roy, world-renowned photographer and author of the most acclaimed books about Galápagos.

“A must-read for anyone planning to visit the islands and equally for those that already have a place in their heart for Galápagos.” – Dr. Alexander Mustard, internationally awarded underwater photographer and a commended author.

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